Several wounded in a shooting at Mayfair Mall In Wauwatosa

The mayor of Wauwatosa released a statement saying that several people were injured in a shooting accident on Friday in a mall in the city, located in the state of Wisconsin, and said that there were no serious injuries among the wounded.

He said that the suspect is currently free and that a group of policemen were in Mayfair Mall as part of the investigation. “It will take time to provide additional and more accurate information, which will be provided as soon as it becomes available,” the statement said.

A team at the FBI said it was heading to the scene to support local law enforcement.
Where many police officers were seen outside the mall in the suburb of Milwaukee.

Shortly after 3 pm, Froedtert Hospital and Children Wisconsin were notified of the shooting at Mayfair Mall, to which rescue and emergency teams immediately moved to receive the injured.

It is not known yet the reasons for the action and the perpetrator is awaiting the investigations to be conducted on a foot and a leg.