Snapchat competes with TikTok and Instagram Rails with a “new feature”

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On Monday, Snap announced the launch of Spotlight, a new feature that provides users of its Snapchat service with a TikTok-like experience, and the Reels feature of Instagram.

The Spotlight feature will show Snapchat users the best snaps posted by more than 249 million daily active users in a feed they can scroll through. The footage will be played in a continuous Tik Tok style sequence.

It is also believed that the Spotlight comes in an attempt by Snap to expand the amount of entertainment content available to users compared to the past. Snapchat users were limited to watching the content published by their friends or published by prominent publishers in the Discover section of the application. The new feature will give users a central location to access an endless stream of content that other users create.

Prizes in excess of one million dollars

To motivate users to post their snapshots on Spotlight, Snap announced that it would offer a daily batch of prizes over $ 1 million for users who post entertaining clips. According to the number of views, the company will use a special formula to determine which shots are worthy of the prize money.

To win the prizes, the user must be over 16 years old. Snape intends to offer the daily financial prizes until the end of 2020 at least, according to what a company spokesman told CNBC.

It is noteworthy that Snap is not the first to offer these awards, as it was preceded by TikTok and Instagram Rails, which launched programs to pay creators in exchange for posting their clips. Although Spotlight will not contain any ads at launch, a company spokesman made it clear that Snap expects to provide ads in the coming months.

It is noteworthy that the idea of ​​displaying a continuous series of short video clips was an invention of the Vine service that Twitter acquired in 2013 but closed in 2017, the same year in which the Chinese company ByteDance acquired the service, then integrated it with an application Tik Tok 2018.

After the tremendous success of TikTok, Facebook decided to launch its rival feature, Rails, in the Instagram photo and video sharing service last August.

Several advantages

Also, the spokesman added, “Snap is hoping that the Spotlight feature will emerge thanks to many features. Among these features, the Spotlight will not include any public comments. In particular, the feature will not include any explicit political content at launch, and the company’s policies do not allow Any posts that contain misleading information”.

Initially, the Spotlight feature will be available to users in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, and France.