So you don’t have to remove the medical mask … iPhone releases a new update

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Apple has released a major update to the iOS 13.5 operating system for the iPhone, which will remove the delay, which appears before seeing the password field on iPhones with Face ID when the user is wearing a face mask, allowing you to write an immediate Traffic code.

The new feature confirms the evidence that Apple understands that its facial recognition software, which has been a reason for increasing sales of new iPhones since 2017, is not significantly effective when people wear masks, as the program cannot not determine a face if his mouth and nose are covered, nor Most modern iPhones have a fingerprint sensor.

And now, version 13.5 of iOS allows you to enter the password from the beginning, because it prevents you from having users access the password screen when unlocking your phone or buying something using ApplePay, which makes life easier for users While wearing a face mask.

The user must download the latest version of the operating system to take advantage of the new functionality and without making any special settings for the facial recognition software.

Keep track of your contacts

In the new update, Apple also launched a so-called “exposure notifications”, in cooperation with Google, to create a contact tracking application programming platform, as this will enable governments and Public health agencies develop applications that alert users if they come into contact with someone who has subsequently been infected with the Coronavirus.

While contact tracking apps are not yet in the iOS system, Apple and Google have announced that 22 countries on five continents have requested and accessed the software platform, confirming that everything that is done takes into account user privacy protection.

The Exposure Notifications API uses Bluetooth Low Energy, not Wi-Fi, and businesses prevent creating a path (digital paper), although privacy advocates still have concerns, and Apple and Google have confirmed that there were no plans to use it. Other than the current epidemic.

Update 13.5 contains fixes for some errors, such as some users seeing a black screen when trying to play video streamed from certain websites, and iPad OS users will find solutions to various problems. security, according to Apple.