Sore throat in children, some tips

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At the beginning of each fall, children and adults suffer from a sore throat, but it is more difficult for children under 3, which makes it more difficult if some initial procedures are not taken in the beginning.

The symptoms of sore throat in children are reddening of the throat, swelling of the tonsils, difficulty swallowing and speech, and it is also in some cases difficult to take liquids, making it harder to heal the patient, as well as fever and sore throat, which can reach the jaw and ears, as well as coughing and leaching.

And in connection with this subject, the German magazine Eltern reported that sore throats are a common health problem in children, explaining that it is mainly due to influenza viruses, especially in children under three years old.

The Journal of Family and Children noted that sore throats can be experienced by drinking too much fluid that moisturizes the mucous membranes.

These useful liquids, in this case, include water, milk, and sage (Salvia officinalis), as well as “ice cream”, and the fever can be counteracted with cold coagulated milk.

In case of serious disorders, analgesics may be used, taking into account the total adherence to the maximum daily dose indicated in the drug bulletin.

If these measures are not helpful in dealing with sore throats, consult a pediatrician.

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