Sources revealed details of a new iPhone design

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In the fall of this year, Apple is expected to organize a traditional presentation of the new iPhone smartphones. And while it is possible that the coronavirus pandemic may affect presentation format or cause it to be transferred, sources continue to share details about future Apple smartphones.So, according to Bloomberg, at this year’s main presentation, Apple plans to introduce four new iPhones, which is in line with previous rumors. Two devices will continue the line of the iPhone 11, and two others will be the heirs of the best iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. These devices will have a sharp edge design in the style of the iPad Pro tablet. In addition, these smartphones will receive “flat” screens instead of rounded edges, writes The Journal.

Based on new information, the designers have created renderings of future iPhones, but it’s unclear to what extent these considerations match the new Apple smartphones.

According to sources, the two new iPhones with the prefix Pro will be equipped with three main cameras with a laser depth sensor (LIDAR), which can measure the distance to objects (the new iPad Pro tablets are equipped with this sensor). In addition, it is reported that the larger of the new smartphones will receive a slightly larger display than the 6.5-inch screen on the iPhone 11 Pro Max, and the cutout with the Face ID sensor will become slightly smaller. Renowned for its precise forecasts, analyst Ming-chi Kuo previously claimed that the new high-end iPhones will be equipped with 5.4 and 6.7-inch screens.

A Bloomberg publication also says that Apple is working on a smaller, cheaper version of the HomePod. It is assumed that the gadget will be presented in the second quarter and that its size will be half that of a standard HomePod column. The company is also known to be preparing to release updated MacBook Pro laptops, iMac computers, Apple TV consoles, and a budget iPad model.

Earlier, it was reported that Apple is creating tag devices to track personal items called Apple Tags. They will offer the same functionality as the Tile trackers available on the market. A leather case and a keyring for attaching to various items will be provided with the devices.