Stadium 974, what is its destination after the World Cup?

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The dismantling process has not yet begun, and the stadium will host one of the technical events. This was confirmed by the Director of Stadium 974 (one of the Qatar 2022 World Cup stadiums), Engineer Mohammad Al Atwan, stressing that the decision to dismantle the stadium will be approved after the end of the tournament.

Al Atwan added, in press statements, that the stadium is still standing and will witness a fashion show party, in addition to hosting a concert today, Friday, as part of one of the events that are held for the fans on the sidelines of the 2022 World Cup, with the presence of more than 20,000 spectators.

Al Atwan indicated that the directive to dismantle the stadium or the option that will be adopted as an option for inheritance in the event of this decision being issued, whether by building the stadium in another location, dismantling it, donating it, or any other decision; It will be released at the end of the World Cup.

Ready to disassemble

Al Atwan explained, “We are ready, and the dismantling plan is ready, and the inheritance options are fully presented to the administration to guide the decision to implement it after the end of the 2022 World Cup,” adding that some were questioning the stadium’s ability to withstand the large numbers of fans who will attend the World Cup matches, as it is a temporary stadium and may affect the stadium. Public safety and security.

But the matches hosted by the stadium, according to the Qatari official, were held with full capacity, “and there was no impact on security and safety or any impact on the iron structure, rather things were in the best form and we are proud of our exit with that honorable image that befits Qatar and the Arab world in a brilliant tournament.” By all accounts”.

There are many proposals for the stadium after it was dismantled (Reuters)

When asked about the masses’ demand to keep the stadium due to the magnificence of its design, as well as as a witness to hosting the 2022 World Cup for the first time in the history of Qatar, the region, the Middle East, and the Arab and Islamic world, he said, “We appreciate that, and without a doubt Qatar won hosting major sporting events in the coming years, and perhaps that will change.” The decision, but we are ready with the same dismantling plan.”

He added, “Qatar is always ready and on time, and we know that next February we are going to host the round of 16 matches in the AFC Champions League, as well as we will host the 2023 Asian Cup and the Asian Cup 2030, all of which are tournaments and competitions that enable us to use these international facilities, and we in Qatar own the facilities.” sports that contain the highest standards and are supported by modern technology.

Difficult moment

Al Atwan, who was part of the team building the stadium and determining its location in 2014, believes that the moment of its dismantling will be very difficult for him, and he hopes that it will remain for future competitions, but he added, “But as I spoke; it was part of the promises related to the legacy of the World Cup.”

He explained that the iron structure in the stadium amounts to 30,000 tons of iron, and is the second component of the stadium components and can be completely recycled after the end of a tournament the size of the World Cup, and in fact the idea of ​​​​the stadium depends on it being a temporary stadium that can be rebuilt after it is completely dismantled.

Multiple proposals

On how to benefit from the stadium after its dismantling, Al-Atwan explained, “There are many proposals that can be implemented. It can be built as a full stadium with a capacity of 40,000 spectators in another location in the State of Qatar or in any other country to which it is agreed to transfer the stadium in coordination with the International Federation of Football.” Football (FIFA), or building several sports facilities of a smaller size, such as the possibility of building two stadiums in two different locations with a capacity of 20,000 spectators for each stadium, or building 4 sports facilities with a capacity of 10,000 seats in 4 different locations.

He added that after the dismantling, an infrastructure will remain on the site ready for use at any time, or in any future development plan, whether the power station or the metro station that serves transportation to the Ras Abu Aboud area, or the development of Beach 974 in the Ras Abu Aboud area, which will remain as a legacy. After it was activated and used during the World Cup as one of the entertainment destinations in the tournament.

At the end of his speech, Al Atwan praised the hosting of the World Cup, stressing that the most important gains achieved from the World Cup, in addition to the wide global acclaim, is the possession of human cadres at the highest level, as the Qatari youth confirmed their possession of high efficiency and great readiness to host any global event.

Source : Al-Jazeera


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