Stopping major European leagues would cost at least 3.4 billion euros

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A definitive end to the season in the five major European football championships, suspended in the coronavirus’s face pandemic, would generate a total loss of 3.4 to 3.95 billion euros, according to a study by the KPMG cabinet.

According to the study, published on Tuesday, the English Premier League would be the most affected if the 92 matches remaining to be played could not be played, with a shortfall of 1.15 billion to 1.25 billion euros. It estimates a loss of 700 to 800 million euros in terms of TV rights, 250 to 300 million shortfalls on partnerships as well as 170 to 180 million losses in terms of ticketing and benefits around matches.

Among the other major championships, the Spanish La Liga could lose from 800 to 950 million euros (including 500 to 600 million in TV rights), the Germans in the Bundesliga from 650 to 750 million (300 to 400 in TV rights), the Italians in Serie A form 550 to 650 million (350 to 450 in TV rights) and the French in Ligue 1 between 300 and 400 million (150 to 200 in TV rights).

The KPMG study does not take into account either the losses caused by the stopping of the possible European cups, at a standstill while the round of last 16 finals were not all disputed, nor that of the national cups, suspended also.

To date, the Premier League and Serie A have been suspended until April 3, as has the Bundesliga, suspended until April 2, and the Liga, scheduled to resume on April 5. In France, Ligue 1 is suspended “until further notice”, with no scheduled resumption date. The Professional Football League (LFP) said on Tuesday that it hoped to finish the championship until June 30 thanks to a one-year postponement of Euro-2020, without however closing the door to extend it beyond.

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