Strict health protocol from the German Association for resumption of Bundesliga

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The German Football Association has established a strict health protocol in order to resume the “Bundesliga” season, which is suspended because of the new Coronavirus starting next Saturday, that will restrict aspects of the lives of players and coaches during the coming period.The German Association supervising Sections I and II submitted to the health authorities a 50-page protocol, through which it persuaded the government and provinces to allow the season to resume behind closed doors.

To avoid criticism, the protocol notes in its introduction that “all measures are conditional on the fact that they do not affect the availability of basic resources to fight Covid-19 in society.”

The intensive testing of the “Covid-19” for players, coaches, and all employees at least twice a week and on the eve of every game is one of the pillars of the League’s plan to resume the season, in addition to placing everyone diagnosed with immediate isolation.

The decision to place an entire team in quarantine will not be the prerogative of clubs, but rather the local health authorities. In Germany, each province adopts its own preventive policy, which explains why the Dynamo Dresden (second degree) team was placed in quarantine after two injuries were found in its ranks, in exchange for allowing Borussia Moenchengladbach to continue exercises after a similar scenario.

The protocol permits the presence of approximately 300 people on the field during the match as a maximum, but the stadium has been divided into three separate areas where friction between them will not be permitted.

Players, coaches, and employees of the same team arrive on several buses to respect the safe distance specified in meters and a half between the seats, all wearing the masks.

This distance will also be respected in the changing rooms, while each team will enter on the field and not together as usual, and will not be allowed to shake hands or take the team’s group photo or exchange logos and souvenirs.

And all those in the “field of the field” must put masks, including the players on the bench, with the exception that only players and referees who are inside the green rectangle. The balls will also be sterilized regularly during the match.

Physical friction will be limited to the course of the meeting. In an attached document sent to the clubs, the association indicated that it prohibits hugging or friction of hands when celebrating scoring goals, while “it is preferable to use the elbow or the legs.”

The health protocol devoted eight pages to the measures that will be taken for the teams of the transport channels, where the principle remains to avoid friction by maintaining a safe distance or putting glass insulators, to be used also to conduct press interviews after the match.

A maximum of 10 journalists from the written press will be allowed in each match, after which press conferences and the mixed region will be canceled.

With regard to residence, teams must book an entire hotel to stay when they play outside their land, and in the event that this is not possible, they must reserve a floor for them, and the hotel will be cleared before the teams arrive.

On May 16, the German championship will become the first major football tournament in Europe and the world to resume its activity in light of the pandemic “Covid-19”, which led to the almost complete suspension of various sporting events since last March.


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