Suarez: My numbers are better than Barcelona’s deals … Messi misses me

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Luis Suarez, the Atletico Madrid striker, believes that his former club management did not respect him enough, before his departure from the team before the start of the current season.

In an interview with France Football magazine, Suarez said: “What bothered me and frustrated me a lot, that the Barcelona administration informed me that I had grown old and no longer qualified to play at a high level.”

He added: “I think I deserve more respect. If I did not have a footprint with Barcelona, ​​I would completely understand the decision to dismiss my services, but I scored at least 20 goals every season, and my numbers were very good, only Lionel Messi surpassed me.”

The Uruguayan striker added: “Many of Barcelona’s deals did not meet expectations, but I have reached distinguished levels with Barca, and have provided what was expected of me.”

He added, “In such difficult circumstances, I had to be mentally strong, to prove that I was able to overcome such a situation. I never gave up in the face of the difficult circumstances that I went through.”

He continued: “The strength of my character pushed me to move to Atlético de Madrid, which competes for the big titles, to confirm that I am able to play at strong levels, and I am still useful. I searched for myself after all these years in Barcelona.”

And he continued: “I welcomed the idea of ​​me leaving Barcelona, ​​because I do not like being in a place that does not want me, but what was difficult was my family getting used to living in this city for six years, and I had to talk to my children about it was time to move away from their friends and give up their habits in Barcelona”.

He added: “It was a very complicated matter, and its difficulty increased under the circumstances of the epidemic, in Madrid it is difficult to do other activities with my children apart from their studies, as they miss their friends and also miss my wife’s family in Barcelona, ​​and the most important thing remains that my family sees me happy at the present time.”

He stressed, “Of course, I miss Messi a lot, as he is my friend, regardless of the player that everyone knows. I miss our daily discussions in football and all life matters, there was a family bond between the two families, and the children miss each other, we all knew that the moment of change was coming because of our ages. We must prepare for it. ”

When asked whether Messi misses you, Luis Suarez answered at the conclusion of his statements: “This question is answered by Leo. In general, coach Ronald Koeman did not miss me because he stated that he was happy with my decision to leave. As for Messi, he may miss me because I am his daily friend.”

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