Supernatural pregnancy? Woman claims she got pregnant after a gust of wind

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Some people experience very unusually, even supernatural. This is the case with this young woman who got pregnant under rather confusing circumstances.

25-year-old Siti Zainah said she got pregnant after a gale of incredible power. She subsequently gave birth to a baby girl. An unusual case alerted the Indonesian police, hence the opening of an investigation.

A woman pregnant by the wind?

Source: TheSun

Is it possible to get pregnant by the wind? This is the question Indonesians are asking themselves following the statement of Siti Zainah, a young woman who claims to have become pregnant after a rather violent gale.

The events took place in the city of Cianjur, more precisely in a southern Indonesian province. Unexpected news, which raised great questions within the municipality.

A belly that grows visibly

The woman says she was lying face down in her living room after performing the afternoon prayer, the latter being of the Muslim faith. This is how she suddenly felt the breath of a mighty wind blow through her. 15 minutes later, she was in excruciating pain in her stomach, and her stomach was getting bigger and bigger.

Normal childbirth despite the strange circumstances

Source : cianjurtoday

The young woman later went to the hospital, and it was there that she gave birth to a baby. Very quickly, the news of this unusual pregnancy spread around the city. This earned him a visit from the local authorities.

According to the hospital director, the most impressive thing is that the baby and mother are doing well, and the delivery went smoothly. Under the circumstances, one might expect a premature baby. But far from it! The woman who claims to have fallen pregnant after a strong wind has given birth to a baby girl who weighs 2.9 kg!

Police get involved in the case of the woman who became pregnant because of the wind.

Given the magnitude of the story, the police decided to investigate the cause of Siti’s pregnancy. In fact, although the woman vehemently claims to have been pregnant by the wind, other hypotheses have started to emerge.

Getting pregnant because of the wind: a supernatural phenomenon or a lie?

Source: Archyde

On the one hand, it may be a case of a cryptic pregnancy where the mother is unaware that she is pregnant, and this until the last weeks of gestation or in some cases until she gives birth.

The police, therefore, put forward a hypothesis relating to the young woman’s previous marriage. Indeed, Siti has already had a child with her husband, from whom she separated four months ago.

A hidden pregnancy?

On the other hand, some advance the theory of covert pregnancy outside marriage. As this kind of case arouses the ire of religious communities in Indonesia, the young mother might be afraid or ashamed to speak up honestly, pushing her to lie about her situation. In any case, the police are keen to clear up this story to avoid the spread of rumors, hence the opening of an investigation.

The story of Siti has left many people confused. In reality, it is difficult to know if this is a supernatural phenomenon or a hidden pregnancy. The police investigation will certainly tell us more.