Terms of use

Terms of use
1- Whether you are a visitor, a registered user, or a contributor to the site https://agaranmag.com
Read the terms carefully before you start using the AgaranMag site.
2- Your use of the “AgaranMag” website indicates that you agree to the terms of its use and abide by these terms.
Enter the “AgaranMag” website
3- Access to the “AgaranMag” website is temporarily permitted, and the site administrator has the right to withdraw or amend the service it provides, without any prior notice.
4- “AgaranMag” will not be responsible for any reason that may not be available at any time or for any period of time.
5- From time to time, AgaranMag can block access to some or all parts of its site.
Intellectual property rights for the materials on the site
6- “AgaranMag” is the owner and owner of all intellectual property rights (including the right of reproduction) of all texts, drawings and the complete design of the site, and the anthologies on the site.
7 – “AgaranMag” alone has the right to authorize the use of some articles on its site, copy it, or republish it on other sites
8- The license stipulated in the previous clause is linked to the following conditions:
A) No article is commented on or commented on in a way that violates or distorts its content, or in violation of any morals.
B) A link to the site must be placed on all articles that are republished, and this article cannot be republished without agreeing to the terms and conditions of the site.
The responsibilities of “AgaranMag” and the responsibilities of its user on the Internet
9- Comments and material displayed on the site should not be considered advice to follow.
10- “AgaranMag” disclaims its legal and moral responsibility with regard to the accuracy, correctness, and integrity of the material displayed on the site that is not signed by the editorial board, and does not provide any guarantees or warnings regarding its reliability.
11 – Every visitor to the “AgaranMag” website must not misuse it by placing viruses on the site or any other malicious or harmful technology intentionally.
12- You should not enter the site illegally, or the “server” that carries the “AgaranMag” site, or the computer or database related to the site.
13- AgaranMag should not be attacked with a fake service.
14- “AgaranMag” will not be responsible for any loss or damage resulting from providing false service, virus attack, or any other harmful technological materials that may harm the visitor’s computer, computer programs, data or other materials as a result of the visitor’s use of “AgaranMag”. Or downloading any of the material posted to the site or any other website linked to the AgaranMag site.
Amendment to items
20- AgaranMag reserves the right to review or amend these terms at any time.
21- He also has the right to suspend the work of some items for a temporary or circumstantial period, and he will announce it on the website.
Conditions for posting comments
– AgaranMag reserves the right to delete or block any comments that appear to be offensive to any person, deemed unlawful, violate the rights of any other party, incite racism, or harm people because of their belief, color, or race.
– The “AgaranMag” site is not responsible for any loss or damage arising from its use by anyone.
 Participation in the “AgaranMag” website must fulfill the following conditions:
– Be accurate and correct (if it talks about facts and events).
– To be fair (if it presents an opinion).
– To be respectful of the laws applicable in the country from which participation comes.
It is prohibited for site participants:
– Inciting hatred or discrimination based on race, gender, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age.
– Exposing children to any harm.
– Disclosure of name, address, mobile phone number, fax number, email, or any personal information of any individual.
– Giving the impression that the site’s user contribution is from “AgaranMag” while the situation is not.
In case of breaching the conditions of the comments
The inability of the “AgaranMag” visitor or user to comply with the terms of this contract, makes “AgaranMag” entitled to take all, or any of the following actions:
– Carry out an immediate, temporary or permanent deletion of any contribution that you may send to the “AgaranMag” website.
– Issue a warning to him.
– Suspension of his right to use the AgaranMag website.
– Disclosure of such information to the competent authorities when “AgaranMag” logically feels that this is necessary and legally necessary.
Practical advice for commenters:
– We accept comments written in English only.
– All comments written in languages ​​that the site visitors do not understand will be deleted.
– Please send the comment once (sending you the comment more than once does not force us to post it)
– Repeated comments will be automatically deleted.
– All comments issued from the same “IP” and impersonated for multiple identities will be deleted.
– All comments incomprehensible meaning will be deleted.
– Comments that have extensions on pornographic or promotional websites will be deleted.
– Insults, you will prompt us to delete all your comments from the archive.
– Avoid engaging in side discussions and away from the topic.
– It is prohibited to write an email or phone number in the comment field.
– Advertising and advertising is prohibited for other websites.
– Avoid sending messages to administer the site via the comments box because we will neglect them (please contact the site’s mail when necessary).