The 5 most expensive, worst performing players…the 20 biggest deals in Chelsea history

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The German website Transfermarkt – which specializes in players and teams’ market value – has revealed a list of 20 players who are the most expensive in the history of Chelsea’s contracts with players.

The list included the big names of football stars who passed through Chelsea’s modern history, most notably the Belgian Eden Hazard, the Ivorian retired players Didier Drogba, the Ukrainian Andrei Shevchenko, and the Spanish Diego Costa.

But it is noteworthy that the top five most expensive names on the list did not achieve the success expected of them with Chelsea, or their effective influence on the team was absent, and some of them lost their primary position, whether they were former players or presently with the Blues.

The list was topped by new German arriving Kai Havertz and fellow Spanish goalkeeper Kepa Arrizabalaga, with a value of 80 million euros, followed by former Real Madrid striker Alvaro Morata with a transfer cost of 66 million euros.

In fourth place was the American player Christian Pulisic, with a value of 64 million euros, who starred last season; But this season, he is going through a fluctuating level and repeated injuries that made him stick to the bench, and in fifth place was former Spanish striker Fernando Torres at the cost of 58.5 million euros.

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