The anger derby ends in favor of Inter at the expense of Milan

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The derby of rage between Inter Milan and AC Milan ended in the quarter-finals of the Copa Italia at the San Siro stadium in favor of the owners of the land with a 2-1.

Ibrahimovic was able to continue his brilliance in the derby in the recent period, and scored the first goal in the 31st minute after Kroo arrived in the area, shooting a ball from between Kolarov’s feet, passing and hitting the post and housing the net, while goalkeeper Handanovic was satisfied with watching her live in the net.

The end of the first half witnessed intense discussions between the players of the two teams, specifically between Ibrahimovic and Lukaku, who exchanged words until the Belgian became angry at Zlatan, so that the referee decided to display the yellow card in the face of the duo.

Zlatan received a yellow card before the end of the first half due to his quarrel with Romelu Lukaku, the Inter striker, and got the second card in the 58th minute after he blocked the Nerazzurri defender.

The referee awarded a penalty for Inter after returning to the video technology, which recognized the presence of a foule from Barilla, Lukaku, in converting it to the equalizer in the 71st minute.

Vidal tried to score a deadly goal after he fired a powerful shot in the 85th minute from the edge of the area with his left foot, which passed near the Rossoneri goal, and seconds later, Lautaro wasted the goal, after he shot the ball from inside the area and Tatarosano shone away from his own goal.

The Milan goalkeeper continued brilliance and creativity and prevented a scoring goal for Inter in the 90th minute, after a shot by the Belgian from in front of the six-yard area, Tatarosano kept away from his goal.

In the 97th minute, Eriksen scored a deadly second goal for Nerazzurri, after a free kick by Eriksen from outside the penalty area directly towards the net, and the Milan goalkeeper stood up to watch her go home.

Ibrahimovic record

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the Milan striker, scored the first goal in his team’s match in the derby of anger against Inter, at the San Siro stadium, in the quarter-finals of the Italian Cup.

According to the ” Opta ” statistics network , Ibrahimovic managed to score 8 goals in 7 matches with Milan against Inter, as the best victim of the veteran striker with Milan in all competitions.

She added that Zlatan is the only AC Milan player to score at least in the three competitions the Rossoneri is participating in this season.

Ibra managed to score in the Italian League, Coppa Italia and the European League.

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