The application “LaLiga” is threatened with deletion on Smartphones by June 30 because of espionage

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The Spanish Data Protection Agency “la Liga” has fined 250,000 euros (about $ 280,000) for violating EU privacy and transparency laws through its official “Laliga” application.

According to the agency, the LALIGA app (used to track Spanish League matches and statistics) used the phone microphone and the GPs to track fans who broadcast football matches illegally, the Spanish daily al Pais reported.

The app records the sound to determine the football matches, then uses the GPS in the phone to identify those who broadcast unlicensed games.

The newspaper, “el Dario”, states that fans have downloaded the app more than 10 million times, which prevents them from ignoring the spies infiltrated.

The Spanish League defends that the application requires permission to access the phone microphone and its location. The data received in the code and not in the audio format is used only to discover the broadcast of Liga matches.

The application already states in terms of service that, by granting prior permissions, users agree to use Liga on their phones to monitor “fraudulent behavior”, such as hacked football matches.

In contrast, the Spanish Data Protection Agency says that the application has not clearly indicated to users and ordered the Spanish League to remove the application by June 30.

The Spanish league planned to resume the sentence, arguing that the agency does not fully understand the technology used by the application.

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