The beauty of your skin from your kitchen

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Many women search for masks that help to purify the skin, and one of the best masks that women can benefit from are those made from these natural materials. The targeted areas, unless this area contains a special sensitivity, and this is a group of holders made of natural materials and their benefits.

The orange
For the smoothness and clarity of the skin on hands, take advantage of the juice in the orange peel and wipe it with your hands if the opportunities arise. It is a natural food for the skin and gives it elegance and beauty.

A fruit rich in vitamins, especially vitamin A, which nourishes the hair and prevents hair loss.

To strengthen the teeth and their beauty, this tropical fruit is very rich in calcium, which nourishes and strengthens the teeth, and is rich in vitamin A.

The fig
Figs are bad in the event that there are pimples on the face, so the fig fruit helps to reduce fat, remove pimples and clear the skin.

To remove wrinkles and the beauty of the skin, squeeze some strawberries and rub them on your face in the morning and evening, and then wash your face with parsley water. Strawberries also help to clean and remove the yellowing of the teeth.

To get a beautiful, light complexion, wash the face with parsley water, morning and evening, for a week.

In your kitchen there are many things to take care of your beauty (Pixabay)

The choice
It works in the treatment of facial wrinkles and the elimination of freckles, and in the case of mental skin, you can use it grated with powdered milk or in the form of strips.

Vinegar reduces hair’s smoothness and shine and gets rid of dandruff. So, put a little vinegar while washing your hair to get satisfactory results. This article is also applied to beautify the legs and get rid of blue veins, by rubbing them in the morning and evening for a period of about a month. Vinegar is also used to lose the body by consuming two small spoons in a cup of water with each meal.

Henna is a substance used by the ancient pharaohs in cosmetics. Henna is used in the treatment of dandruff and scalp inflammation. It also helps to remove fungal infections between the toes, and increases the strengthening of the nails, as it has been shown to have astringent and antiseptic materials.