The death toll from Coronavirus is rising again in Italy, United states may become the center of the epidemic, and strict procedures in India.

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Official statistics documented showed an increase in the frequency of deaths and infections of the Coronavirus in many countries of the world, and Europe and America recorded the largest share of them.

The total number of infections exceeded nearly half a million, and the total number of deaths nearly 19,000, while the number of people who recovered from the virus reached 108,000, or more than a quarter of the number of infected people, in 197 countries in the world.

China remained at the top of the list of injured, followed by Italy, the United States, Spain, and Germany.

For his part, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said he hoped that soon he would be able to ease the restrictions of the closure in his country.

This came as the death toll from the Coronavirus rose again, with 743 deaths recorded, after two days of decline, according to the Civil Defense toll.

With this, the number of deaths in Italy alone during the past 72 hours is nearly two thousand deaths, the highest death rate in one country since the virus started in January.

Strict procedures

In India, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that a full ban will be implemented across India starting from midnight for three weeks.

The decision of the Indian Prime Minister comes after the registration of about five hundred confirmed cases of the Coronavirus, and after health researchers warned that more than a million Indians could be infected with the virus.

In France, a science council on Covid-19 said Tuesday that the closure to contain the outbreak in France should likely last at least six weeks after its entry into force.

The Science Council, which advises French President Emmanuel Macron on the crisis, added that the closure is the only truly effective strategy at the moment. “The closure must be strictly enforced,” he said in a statement.

In America, the World Health Organization has said that there is a very large acceleration in the number of HIV infections. The United States is likely to report tens of thousands of injuries in the next two weeks due to lax handling of the pandemic, despite a high number of cases.

A WHO spokeswoman warned that the United States could become a hub for the outbreak of the virus.

The organization warned that 85% of Coronavirus infections over the past 24 hours are from Europe and the United States. And she expected a big increase in the number of deaths.

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