Despite the heavy 6-0 defeat to Spain, Loew will remain with Germany

Oliver Bierhoff, director of the German Football Association, confirmed that Joachim Loew, the German coach, still enjoys the confidence of the federation despite the heavy defeat 0-6 that the team suffered against his Spanish counterpart.

The German national team suffered a heavy defeat 0-6 against its Spanish host on Tuesday evening in the final sixth round of Group D matches in the first division of the European Nations League tournament, so that the Spanish team qualified for the finals of the tournament to be held in October 2021, and this is the worst defeat for the German team since about nine Precisely decades since 1931.

Bierhoff said in statements to the German TV network “ARD”: Trust is there. This match won’t change anything. In a sign that the federation has not lost confidence in Loew, who has led the team for 14 years.

Loew himself refused to comment on inquiries about his future with the team and whether this defeat put his continuation with the team in doubt, and said in the press conference after the match: If I have to worry about my future, you should ask others about this matter.

Bierhoff believes that the process of restoring the team’s balance will take some time after the Manshafts suffered the second worst defeat in their history, and said: First, the effects of this defeat must be eliminated. This will take some time. Somehow, everything went wrong.