The first screenshots of Android 12 leaked online

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The XDA-Developers edition has published several screenshots, which, according to unconfirmed reports, show the details of the interface of the Android 12 mobile OS, which is still in development and has not been officially presented.

Android 12 will receive several changes, judging by the released images, including fewer quick settings icons in the notification panel, more rounded edges of notification windows, and a new color scheme, writes The Verge.

In addition, the screenshots show the so-called privacy indicator, similar to a similar solution in iOS. It is located in the corner of the screen and alerts the user when an application accesses a camera or microphone. Presumably, Android 12 will also add advanced privacy settings with the ability to completely disable the camera and microphone.

Finally, the screenshots show a new widget for instant messengers with access to the latest calls and messages.

Note that Google releases new versions of Android every year, but so far the company has not officially disclosed details about Android 12, although it promised to simplify the installation of third-party app stores on devices. Usually, the company would announce the next version of Android in March, although in 2020 such an announcement took place already in February.