The France-Morocco match is more than just a football match

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The French magazine L’OBS said that today’s meeting between the Moroccan and French teams symbolizes the history of the two countries, and it will be more than just a football match, because it is full of symbols, common stories and history so closely intertwined that this match will go down in history.

This paragraph came as part of an invitation, presented by the magazine in a report , and directed by a group of personalities, including novelist Leila Slimani, historian Pascal Blanchard, and Jean-Philippe Asensi, founder of the Agency for Education Through Sport, in which they asked to use the model of these two teams to promote inclusion and diversity in the world of sports and in society.

This invitation indicated, in the context of “diversity”, globalization and immigration, that 14 Moroccan players out of 26 are of immigrant origins, and that the French team that will meet it is of various origins linked to history, either through colonialism or immigration, where some of the players or the parents of some of them came from. From the West Indies, Benin, Cameroon, Algeria, Angola, Congo, Mali, Guinea-Bissau, Senegal and Mauritania.

A promising future based on diversity

Thus, these two teams allow us – as the invitation says – to envision a promising future based on the diversity of backgrounds and stories, so we make sport in this case more than just a sport, and a school of life for learning basic values ​​for young people, and get out of the logic of “black and white and between them” that obscured the social and political reality in France in 1998.

Although many young French people with “immigrant backgrounds” still suffer discrimination, the young man included in the French national team can be considered a symbol of success, national cohesion and “living together”.

The star of the team, Kylian Mbappe – who is of multiple family origins to a Cameroonian father and an Algerian mother – says to the magazine, “I was born in France and my parents are French, and I grew up in France. I am 100% French. For me, saying we are black, Arab and white means setting a barrier. And in the new France There is no obstacle, we are all together.”

Reject the so-called Great Replacement

According to the call, the mathematical model should be a reference for mobilizing skills, wherever they come from, building collectivism and relying on the youth who will be the future of the country tomorrow, to start a new path that rejects discrimination, racist rhetoric and those who denounce the so-called “great replacement”.

The invitation concluded that, when watching the match between France and Morocco this evening, we must take into account that these sports teams must not only be “models of success”, but also models for building inclusive societies and changing our relationship with diversity in our societies.

Source : L’OBS


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