The iPad Pro 2020 is coming with a surprising feature

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Apple is working on a range of augmented reality and virtual reality devices that use a new three-dimensional sensor system, Bloomberg News reported, citing informed sources.

The agency said in a report published on Monday: The new iPad Pro computer will be launched during the first half of 2020 with a new unit contains two camera sensors, an increase of one camera from the current version of the device, and will also come with a small hole for the three-dimensional system, allowing people to re Create a three-dimensional environment for the room, objects, and people.

The US technology giant plans to add the sensor to the new iPhones expected to be launched in September 2020, along with the potential of 5G networks, Bloomberg quoted its sources as saying, speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss undisclosed products.

According to the report, Apple aims in 2021, or 2022, to launch augmented VR glasses with a focus on games, video watching, and virtual meetings. The company plans to launch a lightweight augmented reality glasses early in 2023. This is in line with a recent report by The Information. He said Apple has told employees that it aims to launch its first glasses by 2022, and sunglasses that look like a year later.

Apple’s intention to enter the augmented reality market has long been rumored, especially given the expectation that the next revolution in technology – after mobile devices – will be the augmented reality and virtual reality areas. However, the date of entry into the field was not clear with the company discreetly, although previous reports had expected it to be in 2020.

Apple has delayed the public timetable to 2022 due to technology development difficulties, The Information said. In addition to the new timeline, the site report provided new details on Apple’s augmented reality glasses, codenamed N301. It is supposed to resemble the virtual reality glasses Oculus Quest launched last May.

Tim Cook, Apple’s chief executive, had previously said it was augmented reality “a great idea, like a smartphone.” In 2017, he told The Independent: “The smartphone is for everyone. “It’s for everyone. I think augmented reality is just as great, it’s great.”

As the smartphone market matures, Apple, along with many other technology companies, is looking to VR as the future of technology. Apple has been working for years to buy smaller technology companies specialized in this area. Similarly, competitors such as Facebook, Microsoft, and Google have all invested in projects such as HoloLens and Facebook’s Okolos.

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