The most important features in the new Android 10

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Google has announced the launch of the new version of the Android operating system and explained that the new Android 10 is already installed on the new Google Pixel phones, and will be available on other mobile devices in the current year.
The US company has confirmed that the new Android 10 supports smartphones and folding tablets, and by default supports 5G mobile communication technology.
Here is a quick look at the most important new features of Android 10, which – for the first time – will not have a name among candy names.
The new system settings have a new privacy domain that allows the user to place restrictions on ads, app activities, and the web, such as blocking apps, creating a profile, or personalized ad serving.
If the user allows applications to use location data, he can accurately identify those permissions, for example, in settings where they can only grant access to location data if the application is used, and the user will be informed that inactive applications have access to their site data.
Dark situation
The user of the new Android 10 system can darken the backlights, whether for specific applications or the entire device, and this mode helps to maintain the battery charge and protect the eyes.
Security Updates
The user can install security updates on the smartphone directly through the Google Play security updates feature, similar to the app update method, so the user does not have to wait until the operating system is updated.
Notifications to the new Android 10 will not annoy the user if they have them set to “silent”, as no sound will be done and no data will appear on the lock screen.
Focus Mode
Videos, chat conversations and social media distract the user, and the user can get rid of all this at the push of a button, where the new Android 10 allows the user to temporarily turn off boring apps when activating this function in the settings, but this function is still in the trial phase, if the user wants to try it, he must connect to the test program for the new Android 10 system.
Listening devices
The new Android 10 supports audio streaming technology for listening devices, relying on Bluetooth Low Energy technology to maintain battery charge.
In addition, there are dozens of other features, such as canceling the back button, replacing screen gestures in place, being able to preview live images before they’re applied as a background Device screen, adding a button to quickly switch between Google accounts, and many more, as the number of changes made by the new version exceeds 60 changes.
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