The number of devices running Windows 10 has exceeded one billion

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Microsoft has said that the number of active devices running OC Window 10 exceeds one billion worldwide. This was stated by the vice president of the company Yusuf Mehdi, writes The Verge.

This measure includes desktops, laptops, Xbox One game consoles, and HoloLens augmented reality glasses. Microsoft managed to hit the 1 billion mark in Windows 10 two years later than originally planned – instead of three years after the release of Windows 10, it took almost five years. The main reason for this was the company’s refusal of the mobile version of OC, which could not withstand competition with Android and iOS.

Apparently, the discontinuation of support for the Windows 7 operating system in January contributed to this brand, which has forced many private and corporate customers to upgrade their PCs to Windows 10 devices. However, some companies can’t quickly switch to the new operating system – Microsoft says they have paid offers for them. Windows 7 updates via the ESU (Extended Security Updates) program. The first year of service under this program costs $ 25 per device, the second – $ 50 and the third – $ 100. For Windows 7 Pro users, maintenance will cost $ 50, $ 100, and $ 200 per device, respectively. Earlier it became known that the German authorities will pay these updates for Windows 7 800 thousand euros.

If in December 2019, according to the StatCounter service, the share of Windows 7 among all Microsoft OCs on personal computers in the world was 26.8%, and Windows 10 represented 65.4%, in February 2020, the ratio was 23.2 and 69.2%.

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