The public has an appointment with a new series completes the events of the “Game of Thrones”

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After the end of the series “Game of Thrones” the producer “HBO” of the movie announced a news that has aroused the enthusiasm of fans of the series, a new series derived from the magical world.

“When I arrived in Los Angeles, we had four texts in development, but with the time we have five, after I leave,” said George Raymond Richard Martin, author of the novel on which the events are based.

“We had four texts in development when I arrived in Los Angeles, but with the time I left, we have five,” said George R.R. Martin, author of the novel on which the events are based.

But the company’s head of programming, Casey Blewes, explained that despite the development of several scenarios for the series, only one series will come to light in the end, or at least in the near future. The goal is not to kill the golden goose for the world of “Game of Thrones” by presenting works not as much as expectations by many, but to provide a better quality work.

So far, it is certain that Martin will participate in the development process of this series and subsequent work if it is done, and the goal is clearly to create an extended world of “Game of Thrones”.

Is it a sequel to the events of “Game of Thrones” or the return of the past?

While this may frustrate some, but the series will not be following the “Game of Thrones”, and so do not expect to see how it will be with Jon Snow (Harington Kit), Sansa (Sophie Turner), Arya ( Maisie Williams) and Bran (Isaac Hempstead-Wright), the series revolves around the world itself, but it reviews other aspects of its rich history.

The series of events, derived from the “Game of Thrones” thousands of years ago, will take us back to the Golden Heroes era and we will learn about the terrible secrets of Wistrous’s history and about the origin of the “White Wakers” and their origin, as well as on the history of the “Stark” family.

In this series, we will see Westeros at an earlier stage, where there is still no “King’s Landing” or the “Iron Throne”, or even the “Tartars” family and the great empire he has built. This series deals with parts of the story he mentioned by quoting Martin in his novels and the original series. where he confirmed that Westeros and Isous are full of stories that have not yet been revealed.

Stars of the new series

Among the first representatives of the series that was announced last October, Naomi Watts who will play a key role for a character with an invisible secret, one of the very powerful personalities – whether men or women – will appear in the series , and Watts said after her selection this role, she did not watch the series before, but began to watch it directly and study it.

The actor, Josh Whitehouse, will appear in the episode “Pilot” and no details of his personality have been disclosed, and the company has referred to the crew including Naomi Ackie, Jimmy Campbell, Sheila Atim , Ivanno Jeremiah, Giorgi Henley, Alex Sharp and Toby Regbo.

Of course, we do not expect to see any of the former crews in this series to widen the time gap between the two series, but since the “White Wakers” and “Jungle Kids” have long ages, we can to see an all too familiar face.

Expected date of test episode

In late July 2017, Casey Blows of the company “HBO”, said that “the test episode of the derivative series will not be released until at least a year after the expiration of the original series”, which means that 2020 is the earliest moment possible.

It is also expected that more than one series will be shown to the world itself in the years to come, especially since George Martin has already written a series of short novels that are suitable for movies or series with long separate episodes, but not so that he and the producers in the same crisis of the series – “Game of Thrones” from where the television work preceded the novel written, it will not work on the project for the moment , these short expected novels, three out of ten have been published.
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