The reasons why Microsoft prevents its employees from using Google and Amazon

The latest hack comes among a long list of suspected cyber attacks by Russia (Reuters)

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Keeping your business data safe can be difficult when your company’s competitors ask you to put all your conversations, plans, and hard work into their hands

Microsoft has developed a list of online services that its employees are prohibited from using, according to a report from the technology magazine “Geek Wire“.

The Prohibited List includes familiar names for most programs employees use to improve productivity, such as Slack, Google Docs, and Amazon Web Services.

Despite the popularity of some of these services, which allow easy communication between employees, as well as storage and data sharing, Microsoft wants to ensure that everyone keeps all their information in the company’s software.

The underlying idea is that these services will theoretically allow companies such as Google and Amazon to become familiar with some of the things Microsoft is working on.

Microsoft not only keeps its information secret but also gives a bad impression when your employees use a competing service as if someone were working on Apple and doing it on a Windows computer.

Grammerly is another interesting tool from the list of banned programs. It allows to correct spelling and grammar. Although it is a good tool, it records every keystroke users make in documents and emails.

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