Let the shawl be part of your elegance this winter

Photo | Unsplash

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With the advent of the winter season, women adopt wearing the woolen shawl, one of the most important winter clothes and one of the most distinctive pieces. Turn it into a winter-style outfit.

The shawl has become a substitute for accessories and contracts and a kind of change, especially in winter looks. It has become a popular trend among girls due to its attractiveness in ways and methods of wrapping it with new color models.

Also, a distinctive piece of the shawl has become popular recently among girls. It can be worn in more than one way by wrapping it on the shoulder, and it can also be placed on the shoulder and left open or wrapped like a belt on the waist.

There is also a different type of shawl, which gives a decent shape to heavy clothes or woolen coat, which is with fringes; To give a simple look and not to feel claustrophobic, the tassel shawl appears in neutral colors and is suitable for girls who are thin and tall.

A shawl is a friend of a woman in all her life stages, highlighting her elegance and warming her (Unsplash)

These are elegant ways to wear a shawl this season.

• Open shawl
It is one of the most popular pieces and can be worn on top of a dress or staple in a jeans-based look.

• Checkered shawl
One of the most common pieces used with winter clothes is adopted everyday looks, using an elegant belt to tie the shawl.

• The closed shawl
It is a classic cut and can also be worn with jeans to make it more trendy.

The Snowman Roll is the easiest and most classic of the laps, so-called because it is suitable for ice weather (Unsplash)

• Snowman shawl
The easiest and most classic of windings; Because it is the snowman’s famous roll, it is called this because it is suitable for ice weather.

• Shawl in the form of a jacket
Wrap the shawl under the arms, and tie the ends at the back for extra warmth, a tight-fitting like a cardigan.

• Wearing a shawl in the simple way
The shawl is simply wrapped around the neck to give a feeling of warmth and comfort.

Elegance, warmth, and beautiful textures can be combined by wearing a shawl, which adds attractiveness and comfort while enjoying the warmth.

Women who combine elegance and warmth

Some women feel confused with the advent of winter. Some of them are afraid of losing their elegance with the return of the season, but others combine elegance and warmth. They adopt a shawl instead of a coat and feel comfortable and classy.

The shawl is a friend of a woman in all her life stages.

One of the women said that the shawl is considered an essential piece for her with the advent of winter, as it is a friend for women in all stages of her life.

Even with the passage of years, this piece remains in the girls’ wardrobe, especially in freezing weather or with girls who do not prefer to wear heavy clothes, so the shawl is their safe piece made of heavy wool materials and large sizes.

The engraved shawl replaces many clothes.

One of the girls, speaking enthusiastically, said that the shawl is one of the most important pieces of basic clothes in her wardrobe during the winter season, especially the patterned shawl, one of the most important pieces that make her sing about a lot of clothes because it gives the impression of joy and breaks the intensity of the solid color.

It turned out that the shawl had a specific shape in the past and was used only by older women, and now it has become unconventional. Youthful touches have been added to it, and the methods of wearing it have also differed so that the same shawl can be used in different ways that make it new every time.