The strongest man in the world is carrying the weight of 6 people

Alexei Novikov (24 years), Ukrainian weightlifter, the extraordinary champion won the title of the strongest man in the world for the year 2020, within the activities of the competition organized in Florida, USA, in which 25 contestants from different parts of the world competed.

He was also rated the youngest and strongest man in history, as the Ukrainian champion set a world record for the deadlift and was able to lift 537.5 kilograms (equivalent to the weight of six people) of average build.

With this unprecedented achievement, Novikov submitted an official request to the Guinness Book of Records through his official Instagram account to register his new record.

The strongest man in the world, the Ukrainian champion, received special congratulations from the official account of the competition after achieving the title.

Novikov beat Britain’s Tom Stultman and Canadian Jean-Francois Carona in the competition, who finished second and third, respectively.

Source: Social Media