The value of Messi’s debt to Barcelona

Today, a Spanish press report revealed the size of Barcelona’s debts to Lionel Messi.

The Spanish newspaper ” El Mundo ” published the details of Messi’s contract in full, which he signed in 2017 with Barcelona and expires next summer.

“El Mundo” published that the contract stipulates that Messi will charge 555,237,619 euros with the variables, but Al-Barghout obtained 92% of the contract value, which amounts to 511,540,545 euros.

And according to the Spanish newspaper, Marca , Barcelona owes partial non-payment of the salaries of the players, including Messi.

She pointed out that Barcelona should have paid 72 million euros to Messi before the end of last January, but he only paid 8.5 million euros, which means that the club owes the flea to 63.5 million euros of his salary and photo rights.