These are smart online shopping tips

To avoid falling into the trap of price differences ... Don't let your online history trick you while shopping online

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Do not be surprised if you learn that when you add a product to an e-shopping cart, you may be participating in a carefully designed social-science experiment; you are looking for the lowest price for the product. There is a robot that measures your behaviors to set the price for you.

That modern price negotiation model is called “Nash Equilibrium,” which has a beautiful mind, but how does John Nash’s theory of setting product prices extend to websites?

Game theory by John Nash can be described as the mathematical study of decision-making in social situations, you take action, the seller takes action, and the agreed price will result from what you both do to get the deal done, but you are here to learn how to win in the online shopping game.

1- Market anonymously

The Netflix subscription value is increasing in Denmark and Switzerland, despite the inaccessibility of many options such as Australia, America, and Turkey. Still, demographic factors are one of the dynamic pricing strategy methods, which includes more than 5 thousand variables.

Because of this complex technology, merchants – even retailers – have become aware of what you can pay, and they may offer you a higher price compared to someone else who pays less. To avoid this, you should delete your purchase history from the sites, and log out of your electronic accounts such as “Facebook”, and ” Booking, “Google” and delete cookies, or browse anonymously, and choose from the blocking program a less advanced country as your home when purchasing services.

2- Resist boredom in the morning and on Sundays

Shop on the right day even if it seems tempting to spend business hours browsing retailers’ products, as online purchases reach their peak during business hours on the first day of the week due to employees’ boredom.

Retailers by extension, take advantage of this boredom, raising prices in the morning and lowering them early in the evening, so do not go overboard and rush, and wait for special offers on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

3- Hold on… Someone is watching you

In mid-2017, Amazon alone had 59 economists working on its online shopping site, and they were responsible for tracking the huge amount of data that consumers leave as soon as they add a product to their cart, setting discounts and their dates, raising or lowering prices, and they also know how much money. Provided by shoppers to search for the best prices.

This means that the product’s real price is not with the first seller who appears to you, but after 20 minutes of searching for the optimal seller, and the sellers ’order varies according to your transaction history. You must use the price comparison feature and check the optimal seller’s ratings and the country of origin.

4- Compare

Do not trust a site to be judged by the prices of the products you know. And is the use of a tool such as “Google Hobeng” (Google Tags your Shopping) is a great way to compare using the machine code, as you can install “Price blanca” (PriceBlink) available on the “Chrome” browser and “Mozilla” to see the prices of the product itself automatically from many traders and organized Its smart scheme, and even notify you if there are any coupons available.

5- Calculate luxuries

Boomerang monitored price shifts for Samsung TV on Amazon during the six months prior to the White Friday shows. Then, on the same White Friday, Amazon lowered the price of television from $ 350 to $ 250, sharply reducing the number of competitors.

Boomerang robots also note that the site has raised the price of some HDMI cables needed to connect a TV by about 60%.

6- Be specific

4 researchers in Catalonia tried to shop with fake computers that simulate the browsing patterns of wealthy customers and those interested in big brands, and when the researchers started shopping, they did not show them different prices for the same goods, but offered them according to the governorate and state, the event goods.

The average price of the headphones proposed for wealthy personalities was 4 times the price proposed for ordinary people, and on the ground computers are sold at different prices corporate and state.

7- Make a time plan

Consider shopping a few days before you want to buy, log into shopping sites, add your future purchases to your online cart, then simply close your browser, and check your email for the next few days.

When you add a product to your wishlist or online shopping cart, you are clearly interested, and you will likely receive an email containing a promotional code or coupon to encourage you to come back and continue.

But be aware, this step is not optimal in the already discount seasons and prices.

8- Do not shop during the seasons

This is a custom that we acquired by practicing when preparing for the holy month of Ramadan and the holidays, by purchasing home supplies before the purchase season, which is followed by a significant increase in the prices of the occasion’s supplies.

We also notice this in the prices of air-conditioning during the summer, which is an old ploy that merchants follow before the advent of the Internet, but today you may notice a decrease in the price of hazelnuts on a site, with the rise of the rest of the supplies on the site itself, and you have to request it to take advantage of the free shipping.

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