They became addicted to smartphones and could not live without them

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“They can’t live without it,” the result of a study conducted by “CyberMedia Research” that specializes in technology research and consulting, as it has confirmed that more than 50% of phone users in India report that their addiction to the use of smartphones, has become very bad, to the point they can not lose them and live without them.

However, this technological revolution, despite its importance, is not without damage, especially in terms of mental and psychological health.

In the details of this study, the authority’s report indicated that 73% of respondents confirmed that smartphones negatively affected their mental and psychological health, while one in four confirmed that they had health in the body due to the use of the phone.

Several health problems

Health problems caused by using a smartphone range from low vision, headaches, and insomnia.

The study also stated that the smartphone is the last thing that 80% of respondents see before falling asleep.

To this, 74% of respondents said they were the first thing they did in the morning after waking up was to see the smartphone.

These behaviors, which can be normal for many smartphone users around the world and not just in India, can lead to diseases that are difficult to treat with drugs.

It is therefore advisable to avoid over connecting to the phone too much, especially at night and in the dark, as this causes eye and brain fatigue, especially when it comes to playing games.

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