This habit can cause severe damage to your health

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A scientific study has proven that putting a pocket wallet in the back pocket poses a health risk, as most men used to keep it, due to its ease of use, but the ease of stealing it is possible.

The wallet is the constant companion of everyone from childhood. For men, the space for the wallet is often in the back pocket of the pants, whether while walking, driving a car, sitting on the train or in the office, it stays in the same place.

Since most men treat the wallet as a filing cabinet and bank cards, and a small bank may contain many iron coins, its size becomes larger than usual, which would cause a health problem as well as easy to be stolen.

According to scientists, the location of the back pocket wallet can cause health problems. The uneven distribution of pressure when sitting on the purse can lead to misalignment of the back, which can cause long-term problems in the spine.

A scientific study, the results of which were published on the T Online website, concluded that the wallet completely changes the structure of the pelvis and lumbar spine.

On the other hand, the biggest danger lies behind the wheel, when you sit down, your wallet puts great pressure on the muscles of the buttocks, which can cut off blood circulation and cause numbness in the legs and feet.

This can become especially dangerous if your wallet is in your back right pocket. Which may lead to serious consequences when driving a car, because you usually press the brake pedal and the gas pedal with your right leg, according to what was published by the American website (Men’s Journal).

Therefore, doctors are advised to take the resulting pain seriously and consult a doctor, because the presence of pressure on one side of the spine may lead in some critical cases to chronic back diseases such as herniated disc disease.