Tips to protect gaming enthusiasts from fraud and piracy

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The Austrian Watchlist Internet information platform indicated that hackers and scammers target the gaming environment, in order to catch their victims and access games, smartphone data and computers.

Fraud and hacking is often done through malware that is promoted as free games or attractive game add-ons.

Although malicious antivirus and “code” software can catch this malware, many gaming enthusiasts disable antivirus software to consume less capabilities on a computer or smartphone.

And the Austrian information platform recommends the need to run anti-virus programs in all cases, and if necessary, it is possible to search for a game mode that consumes less of the capabilities of a computer or a smartphone, in addition to that it is necessary to obtain the buttons for games and their currencies and the elements used in them from safe stores , And the user can identify fake stores through lack of publication data or rely on unsafe payment options.

Malware access to personal information is not limited to desktop computers only, it can also be done through smartphone applications, and therefore game lovers must download applications from the official stores of Google and Apple, which works to reduce the risk without excluding them completely, and from Better also take a look at application developers and learn about their ratings.

Source: German News Agency

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