Tips to protect your children while using mobile devices

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Kids can now easily download apps, games, and videos from websites, which can give parents unpleasant surprises by looking at credit card bills or noticing that children have accessed inappropriate content for their children. age, such as the content of violence or pornography.

Carolina Foyatal, of the European Consumer Protection Center in Germany, said parents should adjust their smartphones and tablets so that they are safe for their children, according to a report on the German website.

She pointed out that credit card data should not be stored in children’s mobile devices because they could make integrated purchases promoted as free, but offer additional features at a paid cost.

Control YouTube

parents can control the use of the YouTube video platform by their children in different ways, for example, they can enable “restricted mode”, and videos that have been flagged by other users are then hidden as inappropriate .

However, the YouTube platform has confirmed that there is no “filter” that works 100%, and that children can disable the “restricted mode”.

The YouTube Kids app can also be downloaded, where inappropriate content can be controlled, and parents can perform some of the relevant protection settings to control the content that kids see.

The Google Android operating system offers options to prepare mobile devices to be safe for children. The Google Play menu allows you to enable child protection settings, allowing you to select movies, music, and apps by age, preventing unwanted purchases by children.

Special account for children

Carolina Voital recommends limiting the owner’s account to parents only and securing it with a PIN code to control the device.

In contrast, a child-specific user account can be created and linked to Google’s parent accounts so that activity settings and what is allowed or not allowed for children are monitored.

Many applications, such as Family Link, allow parents to change settings or to allow or block apps for kids.

This application allows parents to have wide access to child devices to block them remotely.

For smartphone, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users, you can block or restrict certain applications and functions in the Settings menu.

The regulation of how to handle inappropriate content and purchases in the App Store and downloads, as well as the ability to block certain websites and hide some applications for children. For parents to use blocked apps or cancel restrictions, they must create and remember certain passwords.