Apartheid in the era of Coronavirus … the examination for basketball players first in America

While the NBA champions Toronto Raptors, the Los Angeles Lakers and Brooklyn Nets were quickly tested for Coronavirus, other citizens were still waiting, causing a backlash against the preference that players and celebrities obtain in Healthcare.
New York Mayor Bill de Palacio – on his Twitter account after Nets underwent Coronavirus infection, infected four players and being self-isolated – tweeted, “We wish them well. But with all respect, an entire team in the NBA cannot be exposed to the virus, While the patients are waiting for the examination, the tests should not be for the wealthy, but for the sick. “
With the spread of the Coronavirus and the US suffering to deal with the lack of detection devices, citizens are increasingly resentful of the ability of professional athletes to undergo detection while others wait for symptoms of the disease to appear.
The virus, which causes respiratory problems, has infected about eight thousand Americans, while the number of deaths has exceeded 145 people.
In an interview with ESPN yesterday, American League Commissioner Adam Silver said he understood Di Palacio’s concerns, but that the biggest concern was the lack of detectors, and the tournament was following regulations.
“I understand his point of view and it is regrettable that we are in this position as a society being sorted out when it comes to being screened … but we follow the recommendations of health officials,” added Silver, who pointed out that eight whole teams undergo virus detection in addition to infecting some players.
The USA Today newspaper reported last week that after Utah Jazz player Rudi Joubert was found to have been infected with the coronavirus, 58 people on the team had been exposed.
Oklahoma City Thunder was also exposed to the revelation, which was the team that was preparing to face Jazz before the match was canceled moments before it was launched, in addition to the Toronto Raptors, who were concerned about the officials ’ability to hit some players after the Jazz confrontation on the ninth of this month.
The Lakers, the last team to face Nets before the season stopped, announced on Wednesday that all of its players are undergoing disclosure.
The ability of the NBA teams to undergo disclosure has caused outrage among fans on social media.
A Twitter user – who has 23,000 followers and a radio program broadcast by 22 stations in seven states – tweeted, “The situation is as always. The rich get anything first and the poor come at the end.”
In most cases, the ability of teams to subject players to funds checks and go to private laboratories rather than state-run ones and not wait for rows.
The NBA defended its swift action as a step to prevent the spread of the Coruna virus as players attract the attention of younger people.
“The League’s decision to stop the tournament paved the way for other tournaments to do so and raise awareness about the seriousness of the virus,” Silver said.
He continued, “I felt that people, especially young people, did not take the recommendations seriously until we did what we did.”
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