60 million consumers : Toxic substances in toothpastes

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Some 60 million consumers have warned of harmful ingredients in some toothpastes. In particular, products that are less hazardous to health have been sorted and listed.

Mint taste, whitening, anti-cavity … Dozens of toothpastes are available. While its role is to remove food debris between the teeth or gums and remove plaque and surface stains, some of these products may contain harmful substances. In a new survey, 60 million consumers assessed.

Toothpastes: harmful substances have been identified

So the test center evaluated 16 toothpastes. All of them were awarded “Cosméto’Score”. The calculation took into account risks to health and the environment. The products are categorized into five levels: A, B, C, D and E.

In the survey, 60 million consumers alerted that heavy metals were present in many toothpastes. During the study, researchers identified zinc and tin, which are two toxic ingredients, in these dental products.