Normalization with Israel…Trump recognizes Western Sahara under Moroccan sovereignty

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Trump announced his intention to issue an executive order for the United States to recognize Western Sahara as part of Moroccan territory and under his sovereignty.

In this regard, the MAP published a communiqué saying that it was issued by the royal court of the Kingdom, in which it was stated that the Moroccan monarch, King Mohammed VI, made a phone call on December 10 to Donald Trump, President of the United States of America.

During the call, according to the same source, the American President informed His Majesty the King that he had issued a presidential decree, with its steadfast legal and political power, and with its immediate effect, to require the United States of America to recognize, for the first time in its history, the full sovereignty of the Kingdom of Morocco over the entire region of the Moroccan Sahara.

In this context, and as the first incarnation of this important sovereign step, the United States decided to open a consulate in the city of Dakhla – the far south of Morocco – that mainly carries out economic tasks in order to encourage American investments and advance economic and social development, especially for the benefit of the inhabitants of those regions.

The same statement also affirmed that the King of Morocco expressed his gratitude to the US President, in his name and on behalf of the people, to the United States of America for this historical position, stressing that this position enhances the strong strategic partnership between the two countries and elevates it to a true alliance that includes all fields.

According to the same statement, the King of Morocco confirmed that although the opportunity did not have a direct meeting with His Excellency the President, consultation and coordination continued, especially after the visit of Jared Kushner, Trump’s special advisor in May 2018 to the Kingdom of Morocco, which was crucial in various aspects. Issues, including this topic, and through contacts and exchange of delegations, and a number of unannounced visits.

The statement also stressed that this constructive position of the United States of America comes to enhance the dynamism of entrenching the Moroccan Sahara, which was confirmed by the positions supporting a group of friendly countries, as well as the decisions of many countries to open consulates in the southern provinces of Morocco.

It also comes after the decisive and effective intervention of the Moroccan armed forces, in the Guerguerat region, in order to maintain security and stability and to ensure the free movement of people and goods from Morocco and to African countries.

The fate of the Palestinian cause

During the same call, as stated in the same statement, the King of Morocco and the US President discussed the current situation in the Middle East region.

In this regard, Malak recalled the stable and balanced positions of the Kingdom of Morocco on the Palestinian issue, stressing that Morocco supports a solution based on two states living side by side in peace and security and that negotiations between the Palestinian and Israeli parties remain the only way to reach a final, lasting and comprehensive solution to this conflict.

Based on the role of the King of Morocco in his capacity as Chairman of the Jerusalem Committee, which emanates from the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. And the Al-Aqsa Mosque, in line with the call of Jerusalem, signed by the King and His Holiness, during the Pope’s visit to Rabat on March 30, 2019.

Morocco is on the way to normalization with Israel:

The same statement stated that, given the historical role that Morocco has been playing in bringing the peoples of the region together and supporting security and stability in the Middle East, and given the specialties that bind the Jewish community of Moroccan origin, including those in Israel, with the person of the King of Morocco, he told the King of Morocco The American President, with Morocco’s determination:

Facilitating direct flights to transport Jews of Moroccan origin and Israeli tourists to and from Morocco;

– Resuming official bilateral contacts and diplomatic relations as soon as possible;

– Developing innovative relationships in the economic and technological fields. To this end, work to reopen liaison offices in the two countries, as was the case in the past for many years, until 2002.

Normalization and the Palestinian cause:

According to the same statement, Mohammed VI stressed that the previous measures do not in any way affect the permanent and sustained commitment of Morocco in defending the just Palestinian cause and its constructive engagement for the establishment of a just and lasting peace in the Middle East region.

The graduate crisis was the subject of the call:

The royal court’s statement also referred to the Gulf crisis, as the Moroccan monarch and the US President touched upon the efforts made to resolve the Gulf crisis.

In this regard, the statement affirmed that considering the strong brotherly ties, and the bonds of sincere love and mutual appreciation that unite King Mohammed VI, may God help him with his brothers, kings, and princes of the Arab Gulf states; His Majesty expressed his hope that the recent positive developments will lead to reconciliation. The desired Gulf region, in a way that contributes to establishing security and stability in the Arab Gulf region and achieving comprehensive Arab security.

Trump said on Twitter: Morocco recognized the United States in 1777. It is thus fitting we recognize their sovereignty over the Western Sahara.