Trump can use richer man’s experience in India to develop a 5G network in America

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US President Donald Trump visited India last week and held a meeting with the country’s best businessmen, including Mukesh Ambani, the country’s wealthiest man and owner of the world’s largest telecommunications operator ” Jio “.

At this meeting, Ambani boasted that his company – which has more than 380 million mobile subscribers – did not use any Chinese component in its network and said: “We are the only network in the world which does not contain a single Chinese component. ”

This fact sparked the interest of President Trump, who responded by saying, “Well, that’s good. Good. Make an offer (to create a 5G network).”

It should be noted that Trump objects to the use of Chinese Huawei components in the telecommunications infrastructure of fifth-generation networks, for fear that the Beijing government will listen to them.

Last year, the US president blacklisted the Chinese company, preventing it from doing business with its domestic companies. In the latest development, the government is to publish a new law that could prevent foreign companies from importing goods to Huawei.

Meanwhile, Ambani has consistently promoted the measures taken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the economic and industrial sectors to stimulate national businesses. He said earlier “Indian data must be collected by Indians” to support localization of the data.

In addition to Reliance Jio, Ambani has numerous investments in the United States in various sectors, including power generation. While his remarks offer no benefit to his overseas business, it’s not surprising that a billionaire like him is Trump’s new ally.

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