Trump postpones a meeting to discuss new US restrictions on Huawei and China on March 11.

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The Trump administration has postponed a meeting to discuss possible new US restrictions on technology sales to Huawei and China on March 11.

The meeting was scheduled for Friday but was postponed. A source familiar with the matter said that Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, Defense Secretary Mark Esber, Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo and Treasury Secretary Steve Manuchin are expected to attend the meeting scheduled for this month.

The source told Reuters that representatives of several government agencies met to discuss the agenda last week, but they did not make any recommendations on how to deal with various proposals related to China, Huawei telecom equipment and commercial aircraft parts.

One of the results of President Donald Trump’s tweet last week with a proposal to prevent General Electric from selling engines for new passenger planes in China is clear, as a senior US official told Reuters that the Commerce Department “intends to fully comply” with the president’s directives not to allow General Electric to sell. General Electric produces engines with Safran in France.

Among the topics on the agenda of the meeting are ways to expand the authority of the United States to stop further shipments of US technology products to Huawei.

The United States says that Huawei is involved in activities inconsistent with national security interests and US foreign policy, while Huawei denies these allegations altogether.


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