Trump studies the risk of the Chinese Tik Tok … Microsoft is seeking to buy it

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US President Donald Trump said Friday that he is examining several options for the application of “Tik-Tok” for short videos owned by the Chinese company “Beat Dance”, including the possibility of banning it, as a group of senior US Senators from the Republicans stepped up pressure on the “Tik-Tok” platform and They demanded the administration of President Donald Trump assess the potential for interference with the Chinese-owned application in the US elections.

“We’re looking into Tik-Tok,” Trump told reporters as he prepared to leave the White House for Florida. “We may be blocking implementation, and we may do some other things.”

Informed sources told Reuters that the United States is preparing to take action against “Tik-Tok” amid concerns about securing the personal data collected by the famous application.

People familiar with the matter said on Friday that the White House was preparing to compel Chinese Internet giant Bait Dance to drop Tik -Tok activities in the United States, as potential buyers, including Microsoft, are in talks to buy the popular short video application.

One of the sources said that “Microsoft” is one of the companies that are in exploratory talks to buy “Tik-Tak”.

While the Redmond-based company in Washington already owns the LinkedIn social network, it will face fewer regulatory hurdles in acquiring Tik-Tok, compared to its more direct competitors such as Facebook, according to the sources.

Byte Dance, Microsoft and the US Department of the Treasury, which chairs the government committee that reviews Byte Dance ownership of Tik-Tok, declined to comment.