Trump’s Facebook and Instagram account will continue to be blocked

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The blocking of accounts of the current US President Donald Trump on Facebook and Instagram will be valid for at least the next two weeks and may become indefinite. This was announced by the head of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg.

“We believe that the potential risks associated with the further use of our service by the president during this period are too great. In this regard, we are extending the blocking of his Facebook and Instagram accounts for an indefinite period,” Zuckerberg wrote, adding that the blocking will last at least two weeks before Trump’s hand over power to President-elect Joe Biden. Biden’s inauguration is due on January 20.

As noted by CNN, Facebook could be the first major platform to block Trump’s account for life.

The reason for blocking Trump’s accounts on January 6 was violations of Facebook rules. “According to our estimates, there were two violations of the rules on the page of President Trump, in this regard, its functions will be disabled for 24 hours, which means that he will not be able to write on the social network during this time,” the company noted shortly after how Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building and disrupted a Congressional meeting to approve the presidential election.

“Trump’s decision to use our platform to justify rather than condemn the actions of his supporters at the Capitol rightly worried people in the US and around the world. Yesterday we deleted these statements because we assumed that their effect (and probably the purpose) was to provoke further violence, “Zuckerberg wrote.

According to the head of Facebook, Trump has also shown that he intends to use the remaining time in office to undermine the process of peaceful transfer of power to Joe Biden.

The microblogging service Twitter, which Trump actively uses, also blocked the president’s account after the events in Washington. It was about blocking for 12 hours on condition that Trump deleted several tweets that violate the rules of the service. The company then confirmed that the recordings had been deleted, but declined to specify when Trump would be able to use his microblog again. At the same time, the company stressed that new violations could lead to a lifetime blocking of Trump’s account.

Recall, on January 6, US Senators and members of the House of Representatives gathered for a joint meeting to approve the results of the presidential elections. Due to the protest of Trump supporters who broke into the Capitol building, the meeting had to be interrupted for several hours. Then the congressmen returned to the building, and in the end, the election results were approved.

The results of the electoral vote, held on December 14, were approved separately for each state in alphabetical order. At the same time, some senators and congressmen from the Republican Party have abandoned plans to challenge the voting results in the disputed states due to the actions of the protesters. In discussions, Republican objections to the Arizona and Pennsylvania vote were rejected by a majority vote of both senators and members of the House of Representatives.

The election results were approved on the night of January 7. Congress confirmed that President-elect Joe Biden received 306 electoral votes and Donald Trump received 232 votes. To win, we remind you that you need to get at least 270 electoral votes. Soon, Trump promised to properly transfer power to Biden.

According to official data, which Trump and his associates are questioning, in the elections in November last year, more than 81.2 million voters voted for Biden, 74.2 million for Trump. In December, the electors confirmed Biden’s victory.