Try honey for weight loss, great results

Many of us believe that honey only has the ability to gain weight, but it has been scientifically shown that honey also has a role in losing weight as well as in gaining it. So how can one use honey to lose weight?

Getting a slim body is the goal of every human being, especially for women, because a slim body encourages its owner to do many things in her daily life, through the speed of movement, unlike those who have a fat body where they are less mobile and tend to be lazy.

In this regard, we suggest to you the schedule of the honey diet to lose weight:

– Drink a cup of warm water mixed with honey and a little cinnamon before every 30 minutes before you eat breakfast, and the same amount is drunk before bedtime. This drink will help you prevent the accumulation of fats in various parts of your body and thus reduce weight.

Honey is very important for weight loss (Pixabay)

But in return, you have to follow a specific diet that will be divided into four meals a day, which is as follows:

The first day:
– 2 pieces of brown toast.
– 3 teaspoons of honey.
– cup of skimmed milk.

Eat this meal four times a day.

The second day:

– 2 pieces of brown toast.
– A piece of cheese.
– One cucumber.
– 1 cup of tea or coffee “without sugar”.

Eat this meal more quickly.

These meals are repeated alternately for a period of 6 days, then you are allowed to eat what you want on the seventh day, provided that you refrain from food at seven in the evening, and in the event that you feel hungry, you can drink anything from it Water constantly.

And doing this experiment with a few exercise movements every day will help you restore the body you dream of in no time.

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