The UEFA Champions League is preparing to return, and these are tentative dates and proposed cities

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UEFA, on November 17, will determine the future of the UEFA Champions League, the dates for its return, and the cities hosting its elimination stages.

European media reports have spoken that the initial return date will be in August, that is when most European championships end.

The German newspaper “Bild” revealed a proposal that the Portuguese city of Lisbon host the quarter-finals of the main continental competition and the remaining matches of the final price.

Among the confrontations that are expected to be hosted by the Portuguese city, home against Manchester City and Real Madrid (2-1), Barcelona against Naples (1-1), Bayern Munich with Chelsea (3-0), and Juventus against Lyon (0-1).

The German newspaper pointed out that the German city of Frankfurt has graduated from the proposed city race, while Madrid is still among the candidate cities pending the decision of the Executive Council of UEFA on the 17th of this month.

The Olympic Stadium in Istanbul, Turkey, is expected to host the final of the competition.

It is noteworthy that Lisbon embraced the first sincere Madrid final in the Champions League in 2014 between Atletico and Real, which ended with the victory of the latter 4-1.

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