This is what you need to do before you use the iPhone 12

It is good if one thinks about upgrading their old phone to a new one, especially if it comes to a high-end phone like the iPhone 12; here are 4 things you should do before the upgrade.

If you are planning to upgrade your iPhone to a new iPhone 12 phone, it is important to make sure to save a backup copy of the old phone settings before upgrading, and the reason is not to start over and waste a lot of time adjusting the new phone settings.

Here are 4 things you should do on your old iPhone before upgrading to the iPhone 12:

1- Upgrade to iOS 14.2:

If you have not yet upgraded to the latest version of the iOS operating system, the time has come for that; an all-new iPhone 12 models will arrive with the previously installed iOS 14.2 version, so to ensure a smooth transition from the old to the new phone, you must update through Next steps:
– Open the (Settings) application on the current iPhone.
– Click on the General option.
– Click on the Software Update option. If there is a new update, you will likely see a notification saying that it is ready, then click on the Download and install option, and this step may only take several minutes.

2- Upload your photo library to iCloud:

If you have many photos in your current iPhone, it is time to transfer or backup them to your iCloud account. To do so, follow these steps:
– Open (Settings) in the current iPhone.
– Select your profile, then choose iCloud.
– Switch the Photos option to On.

It should be noted in this regard that if you have not previously uploaded your photos to iCloud and you have a lot of photos, this process may take some time to complete, and once you upgrade to the new phone, you will find that transferring data will take less time.

3- Turn off two-factor authentication on the current iPhone 12:

If you are using the two-factor authentication app in your current iPhone, you should turn it off for those sites that use two-factor authentication codes before switching to the new phone, then activate it again when the new iPhone 12 is powered on.

4- Create a new backup:

If you plan to transfer all settings of your old phone to your new iPhone 12 from an iCloud backup, it is essential to have a backup copy of your old phone right before making the switch to ensure an easy transfer of settings and applications from your old phone to the new one.