US authorities accuse Huawei of stealing trade secrets

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The United States Department of Justice has filed new charges against the Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei. According to the department’s website, Huawei appropriates the intellectual property of American companies.

US officials say Huawei and its affiliates (Huawei Device, Huawei USA, Futurewei and Skycom) have stolen trade secrets from the United States and China in order to develop their own business. This activity affected six American companies, but their names are not disclosed.

“The misappropriated intellectual property included trade secrets and copyrighted works: source code and user manuals for routers, antenna technology, and robot test technology,” said the US Department of Justice in a statement.

The ministry believes Huawei has entered into agreements with intellectual property owners, then appropriated their technology and used it for commercial purposes. In addition, Huawei is said to have attracted employees from other companies and launched an incentive program for those who were able to obtain confidential information from their competitors.

Huawei has once again denied the allegations of the American authorities. “The legal procedure for accessing data is strictly regulated. No Huawei employee has the right to access networks without the express consent of the network operator,” Interfax said, citing a representative from the Chinese company.

Recall that the other day, the American authorities declared that Huawei can penetrate telecommunications networks worldwide using backdoors in Huawei equipment used in these networks. “We have evidence that Huawei has the ability to secretly access sensitive and personal information in the systems the company maintains and sells around the world,” said Robert O’Brien, National Security Advisor for the House. white.

As reported in the Wall Street Journal publication, Huawei has been building backdoors in equipment since at least 2009, when the release of equipment for 4G networks began. At the same time, the article does not cite specific facts that would expose Chinese society to espionage.

In May 2019, the U.S. Department of Commerce blacklisted Huawei and 70 related companies, which means a ban on receiving equipment and technology from U.S. companies without special permission from U.S. authorities.

For this reason, the suspension of partnerships with Huawei has been announced by Google, Qualcomm, Intel, Broadcom, and Xilinx. Media and experts have spoken of a serious blow to Huawei’s business, but on May 21, the United States Department of Commerce granted Huawei a temporary license for a period of three months. This license allows the company to purchase equipment from American manufacturers, update the software on smartphones, and ensure the operation of its telecommunications equipment. On August 19, it became known that the US authorities extended the license valid until mid-November, it was renewed until February 2020. On February 13, the license was renewed for an additional 45 days.

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