US clings to the counting of key states, Biden serene, Trump frustrated

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The United States is still awaiting the presidential vote results and we do not know which Donald Trump or Joe Biden will win although the latter is the most designated he would miss only six voters to his happiness. For his opponent, this is more difficult. He has 213 electors out of the 270 fateful.

The count in two of the key states like Georgia (16) and Pennsylvania (20) continues and could be decisive for either one, while Nevada (6) is expected to switch for Biden.

The Democrat, moreover, during his speech yesterday was calm, serene and unifying, even sure of his victory and called on the Americans to be patient, while the Republican as a sore loser, and in desperation, s ‘is showing threatening, frustrated and attacked the entire election.

Indeed, as his reelection journey appeared to be narrowing, Trump on Thursday, made unsubstantiated accusations of voter fraud to claim his rival was trying to seize power falsely. It represented an extraordinary effort by a sitting US president to cast doubt on the democratic process. He relies on legal remedies in many states, but some have skipped.

The outgoing president has clung to the conspiracy theory developed for months. His vision of a nationally rigged presidential election by the Democratic camp was immediately summed up in lapidary redundancy. “If you count the legal votes, I win easily. If you count the illegal votes, they can try to steal the elections from us, ”he said. Biden previously said, “ I ask everyone to be calm. The process is working ”, adding“ It is the will of the voters. No one else chooses the President of the United States of America ”.

But the fact of the day most certainly returns to the big channels which cut the president off, so to speak, by interrupting the broadcast of Trump’s speech saying he was falsely accused without evidence. Those responsible for the alleged conspiracy were supposedly quickly exposed by Trump: “the big donors”, “the big media”, the GAFA and the big social networks ( “big tech” ). Donald Trump added to this list polling institutes whose investigations were considered “electoral interference in the truest sense by powerful special interests.”

The president’s remarks deepened a sense of anxiety in the United States as Americans enter their third full day after the election not knowing who will be president for the next four years. His statements also drew a rebuke from some Republicans, especially those seeking to point the party in a different direction in a post-Trump era.