US presidential: Joe Biden in the lead against Donald Trump

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Democratic candidate Joe Biden came first in the ballot count on Thursday, November 5, two days after the US presidential election. But the results are still not final.

Joe Biden, 77, obtained 50.4% of the vote (72,136,253 votes) against Republican President Donald Trump, 74, who obtained 48% of the vote (68,650,312 votes) in a presidential election that holds many surprises to come up.

For the moment, the vote count is still in progress and concerns several key states which have a large number of large voters. At present, Joe Biden won 264 votes from voters against 214 for Donald Trump.

While President Donald Trump has already announced his victory and questioned the ballots sent by mail by calling for an end to the counting of the votes, Democratic supporters jumped to the ceiling believing that it was necessary to continue counting the votes. voice.
Joe Biden

Two days after the poll, demonstrations took place in several cities, including New York, a Democratic stronghold. Supporters from both camps were demonstrating to demand that all the ballots be counted or that the count stops.

Pro-Donald Trump demonstrations also took place in cities known to be Republican strongholds, such as Detroit, Michigan, a state won by the Democratic candidate when Donald Trump won against Hillary Clinton in 2016.

On Wednesday, Democratic White House candidate Joe Biden felt he was winning, qualifying his remarks not to say that he had already won the presidential election. “I didn’t come to tell you that we won,” he said.

Americans will “not be silenced,” he said from Delaware, his stronghold. “It is obvious that we are winning enough states to win the 270 votes from the voters,” the number needed to be elected to the White House, he added.