Voluntary cough on an opponent meant expulsion from the match

Red card in case of voluntary cough on an opponent in England (RTBF.BE)

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The Premier League toughens its regulations at a time when the danger of the coronavirus continues to weigh on the world. The English Football Association has issued updated guidelines to referees that will allow them to give red cards to players who voluntarily cough on their opponents.

The Premier League is taking precautions and will not tolerate coughing on their opponent. Those who do so intentionally will be kicked out. Also, if it’s serious enough, it could end up in English courts.

The updated coronavirus guidelines will take effect immediately and will see cards issued if players deliberately cough or spit at their opponents.

The FA guidelines state that ” When the referee is certain that someone has deliberately and closely coughed in the face of an opponent or a match official, the referee shall take action in accordance with the Law 12 ‘Use offensive, insulting or abusive language and / or gestures’ ”

The referees will have to decide whether the infraction was deliberately carried out or not and will have to examine the actions of the players to determine the sanction and yellow or red cards may then be issued accordingly.

“If the incident was not serious enough to merit a dismissal (red card), a warning (yellow card) could be issued for” unsportsmanlike behavior – shows a lack of respect for the game, ” said the FA.

In this way, the Premier League wants to ensure that players are not only protecting themselves, but also their opponents.

The council encourages match officials to use the new guidelines rationally, stressing that they do not want to see players punished for a normal cough.

In the guidelines, umpires are also encouraged not to spit while simultaneously discouraging players from doing so, however, players will only be punished if they spit directly at another player.