Wages of players agents in the FIFA guillotine.

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FIFA is pressing for a cap on commissions earned by player agents in transfer deals and implementing the licensing scheme even if some agents object to the new regulations.

Last September, FIFA announced a ceiling whereby agents would obtain 10% of the selling club and 3% of the buying club.

The new regulations – which will go into effect in January 2022 – will force agents to obtain licenses and undergo FIFA tests, in addition to announcing commissions, which will allow the public to know the percentages of agents in deals.

FIFA said that it had started implementing the third and final “consultation process” on the new regulations before submitting them for a vote at the Federation’s General Assembly, to activate them next season.

Prominent agents have criticized the proposals and threatened legal action.

FIFA’s chief legal affairs and compliance officer Emilio Garcia Silvero told reporters that FIFA would continue to consult with the agents, but was determined to push ahead with the changes.

He pointed out that the proposals should not be considered hostile to the agents, “if we do not agree with the agents, we will go ahead, we are committed to implementing them.”

“This is not a project against agents, this is a project for the agents and an essential message, we would like to cooperate with them,” Silvero said. “They play an important role in football.”

He added that the new Football Agents Dispute Resolution Committee would help agents who do not get their money in international deals, “there are hundreds and thousands of people working appropriately.”

FIFA explained that the players’ agents received record commissions amounting to about $ 654 million in international transfers during 2019, which is 4 times more than they earned in 2015.

The process of being an agent will involve players taking “personality tests”, and annual fees, continuing education and insurance will be mandatory.

Agents will be prohibited from having direct or indirect interests in any football team, association, or football organization.

Commission contracts must be specified in advance in writing under the new system, aiming to prevent delays in receiving their commissions when settling deals.

FIFA abandoned the more flexible licensing model in 2015.

Source: Reuters