Watch: an emergency device from an American computer game collector

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Maingear Gaming Computer Assembly Company, an American company, has developed an artificial pulmonary ventilation device and plans to arrange for delivery of these devices to New York hospitals, which are experiencing a shortage of devices of ventilation in the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic. Maingear is ready to increase production to supply its fans in the United States.
The demonstration video shows that the Maingear LIV device was developed in a short time with the participation of specialists in medical equipment. Like Tesla’s engineers, the developers of Maingear LIV actively used standard components for their production when the device was created. The company notes that producing such a device will cost $7.5 thousand per unit, while conventional fans can cost more than $ 50,000, writes The Verge.

Maingear expects them to supply their fans in two weeks. The company is now awaiting approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the production of the devices.

the United States of America is suffering from the pandemic of new coronavirus which infects over 435 thousand people and nearly 15 thousand dead.