Watch: Chinese TCL showed unusual smartphone prototypes with flexible screens

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The flexible screen smartphones that appeared last year have yet to gain popularity due to high price and reliability issues, but apparently this segment expects rapid development in the coming years, and manufacturers will offer a new type of device.

The Chinese company TCL, which has shown two prototypes of such devices at the same time, has made its contribution to the development of smartphones with flexible screens, writes The Verge. A video review of these prototypes was published on his YouTube channel.

The first of the two prototypes is a 10-inch tablet with an AMOLED screen, which can be folded into an accordion and turned into a noticeably thick smartphone with a screen size of 6.65 inches. If desired, the device’s flexible display can be enlarged by half – then the device will turn into a more compact tablet.

The second prototype is at an earlier stage of development. It looks like a smartphone with a 6.75-inch screen, but when you press a special button, the side edge can be pulled out and the curved part of the screen can be removed, turning the gadget into a tablet with a screen almost 7.8-inch square. So far, this prototype has been shown to journalists with a print instead of a screen, but they have shown a recording of the device’s operation with a laboratory work screen.

It is not currently known whether the company plans to mass-produce smartphones based on the demonstrated prototypes, but TCL noted that engineers are experimenting with dozens of form factors, suggesting that in the future the smartphone segment with flexible screens will become more diverse.

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