Watch: Samsung’s new phone challenges fire, breakage and scratches

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The JerryRigEverything channel, which specializes in the tests of the durability of phones and electronics on YouTube, reviewed a video showing the high durability of the new Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and its ability to resist fire, breakage and scratches.

The video shows a set of tests, including a bending endurance test, where one of the people in the video tried to bend the phone from both sides, so that the phone passed the test successfully, and its structure withstands without bending or breaking its screen.

To test the phone’s resistance to scratches, they cut various parts of its body with a sharp blade, as the screen protective glass and the protective glass for the cameras showed excellent resistance, while the chassis coating exposed to great damage from the blade.

As for the fire tolerance test, its results were amazing. It showed the excellent ability of the phone’s screen to withstand the flame. After being exposed to the flame more than half a minute, it continued to work effectively, and even the built-in fingerprint scanner was not affected by this test.

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